Funding to accelerate CodeLogic’s product and market expansion

FOSTER CITY, Calif., April 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CodeLogic, Inc., an enterprise technology company advancing automated software application dependency analysis, announced $16 million in Series A funding, securing significantly more than the originally intended amount. National Securities Corporation acted as sole placement agent for the offering. The Liquid Venture Partners group at National Securities Corporation was responsible for sourcing and executing the offering. The new funding will help drive the company’s expansion into new markets with a range of products that provide a critical function in the DevOps market, a sector that is projected to reach almost $15 billion by 2026.

CodeLogic uniquely generates a centralized map of software architecture and reveals the deep interconnectivity of application environments in real-time, filling an urgent gap in the development marketplace. Using code-level analysis, CodeLogic provides a comprehensive view of end-to-end software dependencies, enabling developers to reveal unknown connections that mitigate risk and reduce months of manual tasks to minutes. CodeLogic helps users visualize systems accurately, improve project lifecycles, predict architectural impact, and optimize development resources.

“CodeLogic provides both a living map and a navigational tool for increasingly complex software systems,” said Greg Wunderle, CEO of CodeLogic, Inc. “Where other tools on the market only reveal parts of the whole picture, our technology offers a breakthrough solution. We remove the guesswork from the equation so developers can get unstuck and deploy code faster, with fewer code emergencies along the way.”

As enterprises invest in IT to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and support hybrid workforces, understanding and governing complex systems’ architectures has become critical. The digital economy’s success relies on software stability, requiring enterprises to move to cloud-native systems, reinforce legacy applications, and acclimate an influx of new developers. CodeLogic is poised to aid the digital transformation of enterprises as they seek to embrace new requirements and remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

About CodeLogic, Inc.

Building scalable, competitive, and reliable applications requires understanding and taming the complexity and dependencies found across the spectrum in today’s IT landscape. CodeLogic provides developers with the most comprehensive application dependency mapping analysis available. This breakthrough technology does in minutes what typically takes hundreds of hours in manual effort and gives developers the freedom and agility to leverage innovative technologies, migrations, and changes with a clear coding path forward. For more information, visit:

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