Funding fuels Evolon’s software technology product development efforts and its market expansion strategy

September 10, 2021 08:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Evolon Technology, Inc., a developer of proprietary software technology that takes surveillance video and turns it into real time actionable information, announced the completion of a $16 million Series A funding.

The new funding will help expand the team and rapidly accelerate research and product development efforts, enhance sales and marketing initiatives, implement new products and solutions, and drive growth in the perimeter surveillance software industry.

“The avalanche of video security data in the coming years will drive the need for much better threat detection, nuisance alert reduction and accurate object classification,” said Kevin Stadler, CEO of Evolon. “Market and technology trends are creating a perfect storm for rapid adoption of innovative and disruptive security solutions. Evolon is uniquely positioned to lead these advancements. This infusion of new capital will accelerate our ability to deliver better, faster and cheaper security solutions.”

Industry data shows the global security camera installed base is increasing at a rapid pace, with as many as one billion installed security cameras expected by the close of 2021. What’s more, the video security ecosystem is extremely large, unstructured, and complex, opening the door for pioneering companies like Evolon to make significant advancements in detection technology. The market demand for our innovative Situational Intelligence® solutions that combine patented advancements and emerging technologies to deliver industry-leading detection and classification accuracy has never been more pressing. Evolon’s solutions satisfy this need by providing unique breakthrough edge-to-cloud capabilities that deliver hyper-accurate real-time detection of objects of interest with fewer nuisance alerts.

National Securities Corporation acted as sole placement agent for the offering. The Liquid Venture Partners group at National Securities Corporation was responsible for sourcing and executing the offering.

The Company’s initial financing was led by ReignRock Capital Partners, LLC in November 2018 and November 2020. “The transformation of Evolon into a fast-growth product company has been very impressive,” noted Douglas H. Kramp of ReignRock Capital Partners. “We look forward to this next chapter of Evolon’s ability to be a disruptive force in an industry that seeks innovative solutions.”

About Evolon Technology, Inc. 

Evolon (formerly Jemez Technology) provides advanced, highly accurate perimeter surveillance software technology for critical infrastructure protection and central station monitoring, and its patented software & analytics transform video security cameras and security systems into smart devices by eliminating nuisance alerts. Evolon’s award-winning edge-based video analytics and AI/deep learning solutions are fully scalable for commercial and government organizations that require real-time situational intelligence to enhance security effectiveness and to reduce the potential for loss due to criminal activity or business downtime. Evolon was founded by a talented team of former engineers and scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Los Alamos National Laboratory, with decades of national security experience in the design and deployment of advanced surveillance technologies. For more information, visit