Soryn IP Group Announces New Initiative With Liquid Venture Partners

Principals of the two firms will collaborate under the name Liquid Patent Consulting, which will build patent portfolios for early stage technology companies

Jersey City, New Jersey (September 15, 2014) — The Soryn IP Group, LLC (“Soryn IP Group”) announced today an important new initiative with Liquid Venture Partners, a new investment banking practice led by three high-technology finance veterans. Principals of Liquid Venture Partners and of the Soryn IP Group will work together to build patent portfolios for clients under the name Liquid Patent Consulting, LLC (“Liquid Patent”).

Liquid Patent’s goal is to design large, dynamic patent portfolios around transformative technologies. In a typical engagement, Liquid Patent will first develop a consistent IP strategy by coordinating management, engineers, attorneys, and other stakeholders. Liquid Patent will then direct major U.S. law firms to draft patent applications that align with the agreed-upon strategy. Liquid Patent has pre-negotiated terms with these law firms to make the integrated patent portfolio design and filing service affordable to almost any company.

“We are excited to announce this unique offering, which we believe will level the playing field for patent protection,” said Michael Gulliford, Managing Principal at the Soryn IP Group and Director of Patent Strategy at Liquid Patent Consulting. “Many small companies cannot afford to protect their IP thoroughly, leaving them exposed to attack by larger, better-funded competitors. The America Invents Act, which took effect last year, has exacerbated this problem by incentivizing well-financed companies to race to the patent office to be ‘first to file,’ while innovators who cannot afford to make patent filings are left hoping that no large company stumbles across their ideas. We believe that Liquid Patent Consulting can democratize the patent process and make exceptional IP portfolios affordable to all companies.”

“The principals of the Soryn IP Group have decades of experience in patent enforcement, and have developed portfolios that have generated more than $1 billion in revenue,” noted Ankur Desai of Liquid Venture Partners. “We could not imagine a better partner in launching this game-changing new effort. We take pride in the fact that Liquid Patent Consulting will be using the patent process in the right way, to build operating companies from the ground up.”

Mr. Gulliford also noted that Liquid Patent’s focus is not solely on start-up companies. “The services we will provide are ideal for any company that needs to design a sizeable patent portfolio that aligns with its business strategy,” he said. “Our principals have provided world-class patent development services for Fortune 500 companies, so we know how to service clients both big and small.”
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Michael Gulliford
Founder & Managing Principal, Soryn IP Group, LLC.
Ankur Desai
Founding Partner, Liquid Venture Partners, LLC